Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

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    Name: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
    Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
    Languages: Language EnglishSpanish LanguageFrench languageGerman languageItalian language
    Genre: Sports
    Format: RAR
    Size: 1.32 GB
    Date: 09-15-2010
    Quality: CD
    Region: Global


Pro Evolution Soccer is the best-regarded saga in terms of soccer realism. This year PES 2011 is going to be a definitive boost to the series with more possibilities, control options and animations to reaffirm itself as the best real football simulator in the history of video games.
PES 2011 introduces a control bar for each player that will allow to control the power to the millimeter, and the exact place of each pass or shot. The ball can now roll across the field with absolute precision. Long shots, short passes and intricate dribbling will allow the player to dictate and control the tempo of each play, of the entire game.
This freedom also implies that the decision on each movement will depend solely and exclusively on the user, leaving aside many automatic reactions of the AI ​​system (artificial intelligence). The new routines provided complete the absolute control of the user and the actions he chooses with the intention of giving him maximum control at all times. This sensitivity will fall fully on the user, who must react to all threats that occur, starting with the fact that ordinary passes will not be automatically directed towards the closest player, but must be oriented to the receiver in the most precise way. possible.

The key to the new approach of PES 2011 is the design of a special control system that allows absolute decision-making power over all the elements of the game. Triangulations and the intelligent use of space acquire a fundamental dimension. Likewise, first-touch passes and perfect controls have become more difficult to master, and runs from midfield are over - PES has definitely become a reflection of real football.
The result is the most authentic, complete and trustworthy soccer simulator ever created: PES 2011 offers an evolved game experience that definitively captures the realism and possibilities that are characteristic of the saga.

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