Blade Kitten

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    Name: Blade Kitten
    Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
    Languages: Language English
    Genre: Adventures
    Format: BIN-CUE
    Size: 0.7 GB
    Date: 23-09-2010
    Quality: CD
    Region: Global


Fans of comic book series Blade Kitten about a cute girl-cat, superbly master swordsman, had another reason for joy. Despite the nice appearance, excellent Keith knows how to make others hurt, badly, and sometimes even kill. Therefore, it has many enemies, but that they, not the problem. Armed with a flying sword and riding on a favorite two-legged lizards Skiff, distributing as appropriate superior Lyuli particularly brazen person, Miss Ballard is a typical hybrid grinder and machine to solve puzzles in a delightful figure.

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