Battlefield Bad Company 2

Download Battlefield Bad Company 2 [Spanish] [REPACK] [By Otto Adolf] by Torrent

    Name: Battlefield Bad Company 2
    Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
    Languages: Spanish Language
    Genre: Action
    Format: ISO
    Size: 5.19 GB
    Date: 08-06-2010
    Quality: DVD
    Region: Global


Battlefield Bad Company 2 brings fantastic Battlefield mechanics to the forefront of next-gen consoles and PC - with best-in-class vehicle combat spread across 8 large maps with different tactical approaches.
New vehicles such as the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and the UH-60 transport helicopter enrich the new multiplayer tactics in the war zone. Plus, with customization options, you'll have the most incredible vehicle combat experience to date.
Tactical destruction opens up new horizons with DICE's Frostbite, the game's updated engine. From now on, players will be able to destroy entire buildings or create their own strategic fire zones, making each game unique.
Players can also compete in teams of 4 with 2 exclusive team modes and battle together to unlock unique team awards and achievements. Regenerate with your squad to jump into action and use gadgets like the Tracer Dart combined with the Anti Tank Grenade to devastating effect.

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