Tom Clancys HAWX 2

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    Name: Tom Clancys HAWX 2
    Platform: WII Torrent Games For WII
    Languages: EnglishSpanish LanguageFrench languageGerman languageItalian
    Genre: Action
    Format: ISO
    Size: 4.22 GB
    Date: 08-11-2010
    Region: 0


Air combat has changed. Dogfights have evolved. As a member of the ultra-secret HAWX2 squad, you will be one of the chosen ones belonging to the elite. At your disposal you will have the latest generation weapons, the latest technology and of course the most sophisticated aircraft.
You will enter enemy territories undetected, create devastating attacks and escape before anyone can organize an offensive to stop you. You will use your technological superiority to decimate your enemy from a distant position, drawing them into close combat. Thanks to your nerves of steel you will be able to execute night offensives, aerial refueling and much more ...
From Moscow to the Persian Gulf, from the Arctic Circle to the Indian Ocean and thanks to the high resolution technology of GeoEye you will enjoy an amazing degree of realism.

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