Siphon Filter Logans Shadow

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    Name: Siphon Filter Logans Shadow
    Platform: PS2 Torrent Games For PS2
    Languages: English
    Genre: Action
    Format: ISO
    Size: 3 GB
    Date: 06-06-2010
    Quality: DVD
    Region: NTSC


Sony Bend got Greg Rucka to write the story: Greg's written many novels and graphic novels, including two series of novels he wrote called Queen and Country and Atticus Kodiak. Greg liked the idea of ​​playing with the notion of who Gabe's “shadow” might be and he came up with the idea that Lian Xing, Gabe's long-time partner, might have a past that's catching up with her. Suddenly she disappears. Evidence piles up that she's a double agent. Can't say too much more without giving the plot away, but Greg brought a lot to the Siphon experience.

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