Raving Rabbids Party Collection

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    Name: Raving Rabbids Party Collection
    Platform: WII Torrent Games For WII
    Languages: Language EnglishSpanish LanguageFrench language
    Genre: Action
    Format: ISO
    Size: 7.61 GB
    Date: 03-12-2010
    Region: 0


Rayman Raving Rabbids: The craziest and most demonic bunnies you could ever imagine have invaded Rayman's world turning him and all his friends into mere slaves.
Prisoner in a cell, as if it were a Roman circus gladiator, Rayman will have to face a multitude of taunts and tests that these crazy rabbits will impose on him. Only Rayman can successfully pass all these tests and gain the popularity and respect of this peculiar chaotic breed of bunnies. If he succeeds, he will be able to occupy the position of their leader and thus achieve his freedom and that of his friends.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2: 60 new crazy Social games. That you can play only in story mode or in a group with up to 4 players simultaneously. Minigames based on parodies, popular cliches from a multitude of cultures and countries.
· New multiplayer modes: Play cooperatively or face your friends in battles 3 against 1, all hired, 21 against two.
· Take advantage of all the possibilities of the Wii Remote and its nunchck: Discover new and innovative ways to play with up to 8 different styles of play, combined in the same minigames such as agility, precision, balance, shake?
· Play music and dance with the Rabbids. Use the Wii Remote like a guitar, a drum kit, or a microphone, create and listen to a variety of songs from the most popular swims.
· Travel around the World: Take Rayman around the world to defend the earth from the most absurd invasion of bunnies. Cities in Europe, the United States, Asia? Challenge the Rabbids in everyday situations with a light-hearted approach.
· Customize your Rabbid: Use more than 110 elements. Including fur, hats, accessories, clothing and create your own rabbid. Unleash your creativity with more than 500,000 combinations.

Rayman Raving TV: First they invaded the world and now ... they're going for your television!
The Rabbids have taken control of every television channel you can imagine, from music channels to any movie ... even commercials! Help the Rabbids boycott the entire television grid in order to drive Rayman crazy.
In Story Mode, you will play through a week of television where every day you will find new and wacky skill challenges that will require crazy movements through a large number of minigames. Many of them will allow you to use the Wii Balance Board in ways you never imagined!
Up to eight players will be able to play in a turn-based world and up to four players simultaneously. Get ready for you and your friends to go crazy and not stop laughing!

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