PokePark Pikachus Adventure

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    Name: PokePark Pikachus Adventure
    Platform: WII Torrent Games For WII
    Languages: Spanish French German Italian
    Genre: Adventures
    Format: ISO
    Size: 2.27 GB
    Date: 08-07-2010
    Region: 0


Taking control of Pikachu, you must solve the crisis that a curious place is suffering, the PokéPark. Along the way you will meet all kinds of friendly Pokémon as you take part in Skill Games and many of the challenging attractions that can be found in the PokéPark.

Until recently, the PokéPark was protected by an object called the Sky Prism, but now that object has been broken and its pieces have been scattered throughout the PokéPark. In order to save that magical place, you, as Pikachu, will need to explore the entire park and collect all the pieces of the Sky Prism.

PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure is the first Pokémon adventure for Wii. As you delve into the entertaining story, you will meet and talk to a wide variety of Pokémon.

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