Pirates Plundarrr - Nintendo Wii

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    Name: Pirates Plund-Arrr
    Platform: WII Torrent Games For WII
    Languages: Language English
    Genre: Action
    Format: ISO
    Size: 0.65 GB
    Date: 06-24-2010
    Region: 0


Ahoy Matey! In Pirates Plund-Arrr, plunder the land and the waters of the Caribbean as a pirate with up to 3 of yer 'best pirate mates in a swashbuckling fantasy-adventure! That scallywag Rudebelly has stolen yer 'treasure - an ancient artifact called the Scepter of Power - and it's yer' job to get it back. The scepter will let a man call forth plenty o 'monsters, so be prepared to fight undead creatures, other monstrosities, and dangerous bosses that ye'll find on yer' journey to find Rudebelly and get your booty back!

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