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    Name: Metal Slug Collection
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    Date: 13-04-2010
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Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001: First video game released by the franchise in 1996 for Neo-Geo arcade machines developed by Nazca Corporation. It was later adapted for the Sega Saturn and PlayStation consoles. It is also available on the Wii Virtual Console.
Metal Slug 2: sequel to the previous one, which includes two female characters, Eri and Fio. Along with the Metal Slug vehicle, others such as the Slug Flyer and the Slugnoid are included. Also add the Laser Gun weapon, in addition to other ammunition such as fire bombs. It was developed by Nazca and released in April 1998 for arcade machines, the final mission of which features a General Morden captured by aliens trying to conquer Earth. Metal Slug X is an improved version of MS2, in which several errors of the previous one are corrected and a greater difficulty is added to the game, being released a year later.
Metal Slug 3: in this title the intention of the aliens to conquer Earth is maintained, Morden being captured again, as well as a member of the PF squad. The rebel Navy makes a truce with the squad in order to rescue their boss. MS3 was released in mid-2000 and later ported for the PS2 and Xbox. The game was developed by SNK, as were later games - with the exception of Metal Slug 4. It is a video game that is part of the Metal Slug series. It was released for the Neo-Geo console on May 27, 1999. It is also part of the Metal Slug Anthology for the Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable. Metal Slug X is a spin-off of the Metal Slug 2 version with similar characteristics to Metal Slug 3.
Metal Slug 4 - Released in 2002, MS4 was developed by MEGA Enterprise and Noise Factory when SNK went bankrupt. It maintains the same gameplay, but creating new team members and enemies that are not included in later games.
Metal Slug 5: title which adds new enemies, replacing Morden's Rebel Army and the aliens by a group known as the Ptolemy Army. Developed by SNK Playmore and Noise Factory, the game was released in late 2003.
Metal Slug 6: The first game in the franchise released for the Atomiswave machine in 2006. MS6 returns to the original story, Morden again attempts a coup, but this time on a larger scale. [5] It includes two new members to the team and adds new game modes - Weapon Stock System - and special techniques to each character that are activated with certain combinations of buttons - Rush Blaster System.

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