Hinterland Das Neue Koenigreich

Download Hinterland Das Neue Koenigreich [MULTI4] by Torrent

    Name: Hinterland Das Neue Koenigreich
    Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
    Languages: EnglishSpanish LanguageFrench languageGerman languageItalian
    Genre: RPG
    Format: BIN-CUE
    Size: 0.46 GB
    Date: 29-05-2010
    Quality: CD
    Region: Global


Languages: ES / FR / ENG / GER

Tilted Mill, the developer of SimCity Societies, has talked about Hinterland, a PC game that from what you see aims to create a new genre by describing it as "fantasy strategy sim RPG", something like a Fantastic strategic game with RPG touches and game structure from the SimCity saga, coupled with a turn-based combat system. Hinterland is intended to be available this summer 2008.

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