FEAR 2 Project Origin

Download FEAR 2 Project Origin [Spanish] [REPACK] [By Otto] by Torrent

    Name: FEAR 2 Project Origin
    Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
    Languages: Spanish
    Genre: Action
    Format: ISO
    Size: 11.26 GB
    Date: 12-05-2010
    Quality: DVD
    Region: 0


It starts 5 minutes before the end of the 1st game (That means we have to ignore the horrendous expansions product of Timegate Studios) and puts us in the skin of Sgt. Beckett, one of the members of an SFOD Delta squad on a mission to capture Armacham president Genevieve Aristide alive and find out what she knows, as every catastrophe in history is attributed to her. But since we already found out (because if not, there would be no video game) things will not be so easy, and along the way we will leave that objective aside to take care of some more important ones ...

The story is very well founded and told correctly. It perfectly explains all the doubts that could have been left from the 1st FEAR and assembles a solid box for the sake of a 3rd party. Yes, the end is for continuation… and speaking of endings… I have never seen an ending so short and at the same time so full of meaning. On a personal basis I miss the answering machines, but here are PDAs to collect that explain a very important part of the story by means of text fragments.

A very worthy section and not at all disappointing. To mention that no one leaves (Saving Alma or Aristide) from the 1st part, but it is justified at all times.

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