James Bond 007 Nightfire

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  •     Name: James Bond 007 Nightfire
  •     Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
  •     Languages: Language English
  •     Genre: Action
  •     Format: MDF-MDS
  •     Size: 1.17 GB
  •     Date: 02-26-2010
  •     Release:
  •     Quality: CD
  •     Region: 0


NightFire's single-player campaign is a story-driven first-person shooter. You ll see prerendered video clips that provide context for the in-game events before and after most missions, and you ll hear radio messages from your allies as your objectives change mid-mission. The actual plot focuses on a global organization known as Phoenix International, which has been contracted to dismantle nuclear missiles and clean up nuclear power plants around the world. But, like most video game corporations, Phoenix is ​​evil to the core, and the company s leader intends to overtake an orbital missile defense platform and use it to essentially destroy the world. Of course, that's where James Bond comes in. His objective is to defeat Phoenix and save the world from destruction. Along the way, 007 will use a good collection of weapons and spy gadgets to achieve his goals. While the game feels a little disjointed when compared with the more cohesive console versions, the story is well told and contains enough twists, turns, and polygonal "Bond girls" to provide a level of suave intrigue that s similar to what you d expect to. find in one of the films.

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