Line Rider Freestyle

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Download Line Rider Freestyle [MULTI6] by Torrent

  •     Name: Line Rider Freestyle
  •     Platform: WII Torrent Games For WII
  •     Languages: English Spanish French German Italian
  •     Genre: Simulators
  •     Format: ISO
  •     Size: 1.31 GB
  •     Date: 08-01-2009
  •     Release:
  •     Quality:
  •     Region: 0


"Line Rider" is a real phenomenon, with an apparently simple but very addictive base.

In "Line Rider: Unbound", the player can draw a random landscape on the screen with a virtual pencil and incorporate ramps, hills, chasms and jumps at will. Player creativity will have no limits.

At the touch of a button, a virtual sled will appear in the previously created landscape, which will slide down the slopes at breakneck speed until the end of the tour.

In story mode, the main character will have to solve 40 puzzles over 8 chapters and overcome various challenges along the way. In freestyle mode, the artists of "Line Rider" will have absolute freedom to create their own amazing tracks, for which they will have a new set of tools.

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