Fallout 3 Pack Broken Steel and Point Lookout

Download Fallout 3 Pack Broken Steel and Point Lookout [MULTI2] [Region Free] by Torrent

  •     Name: Fallout 3 Pack Broken Steel and Point Lookout
  •     Platform: Xbox360 Torrent Games For Xbox360
  •     Languages: English Spanish
  •     Genre: RPG
  •     Format: ISO
  •     Size: 6.64 GB
  •     Date: 24-08-2009
  •     Release:
  •     Quality:
  •     Region: 0


Contains the latest 2 expansions for Fallout 3:

Broken Steel: The Enclave may have suffered a major setback with Project Purity thanks to you, but its troops are still out there and a serious threat to the people and security of Wasteland Capital. In Broken Steel, your character will leave behind what happened with the Purity Project and will work side by side with the Brotherhood of Steel to eradicate the Enclave once and for all. You will travel to new settings, such as Central Olney; you will handle new weapons of destruction, such as the Tesla cannon; you will face powerful creatures, like the Supermutant Cacique; you will be amazed at the destructive power of Liberty Primer; You'll get new extras like the devastating Nuclear Anomaly ... and you can play Fallout 3 up to level 30!

Point Lockout: Buy your ticket, board the Duke Gambit and let Tobar the Boatman lead you to Point Lookout, an intriguing coastal city. What secrets does the rickety amusement park hold? Who lives in the huge mansion? Why are pungas so important? What horrors does the murky swamp hide? Point Lookout is the most open download installment in the series; so you can explore this unusual region at your leisure. A totally new line of action that invites you to discover the secrets of the city and wield new weapons, such as the double-barreled shotgun, against the dangerous inhabitants of the swamp. Venture to Point Lookout ... if you dare. And pray that it is not a journey of no return.

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