Drakensang The Dark Eye

Download Drakensang The Dark Eye [English] by Torrent

  •     Name: Drakensang The Dark Eye
  •     Platform: PC Torrent Games For PC
  •     Languages: English
  •     Genre: RPG
  •     Format: ISO
  •     Size: 3.77 GB
  •     Date: 25-02-2009
  •     Release:
  •     Quality: DVD
  •     Region: 0


Drakensang: The Dark Eye is a role-playing game for PC developed by the German company Radon Labs, whose greatest strengths are a great map, good management and interesting dialogue system.

When starting a game we will have several customization options among which will be the selection of name and gender. The storyline, one of the strongest elements, and quests will be the same for any of the 25 available character classes.
The tab of each character will detail very well their attributes and abilities. The first serves to have a definition, the second allows us to evaluate the result of our actions.
Knowledge is listed by category and for combat there is a great differentiation of weapons. While special abilities occur when an attack is made.
The inventory will be as ordered as the cards. It will be nice to press the right mouse button to make a selection from the menu that will be displayed, or to drag an item to the quick access bar at the bottom of the screen.
To move the character we must use the keys W, A, S and D, and with the mouse we can rotate the camera. The latter can also be done with the Q and E. The left button will finally serve to move the characters to another point and perform actions on the elements.
When we enter into combat - which occur in real time - we will have the alternative of pausing the game so that in this way we select our action.
The character that is handled at the beginning may have 3 companions who will join him in exchange for some coins. Crafts, blacksmithing and creation of weapons (bows, arrows, etc.), are the activities that these characters can perform.
Visually the game is sensational for the detailed and good use of color. The stages and their numerous have a fantastic recreation, and the character modeling is great. The only flaw in this section is the lack of variety of animations, a problem that greatly tarnishes the fighting.
We will hope that when the RPG Drakensang: The Dark Eye is available in our stores it will have at least its texts in Spanish, because in this way we will properly enjoy those virtues that until now it has shown.

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