Bionic Commando

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  •     Name: Bionic Commando
  •     Platform: Xbox360 Torrent Games For Xbox360
  •     Languages: English Spanish French German Italian
  •     Genre: Action
  •     Format: ISO
  •     Size: 6.34 GB
  •     Date: 20-05-2009
  •     Release:
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  •     Region: 0


Inspired by his 8-bit namesake released for NES in 1988, Bionic Commando introduces Nathan Spencer, a government agent representing the ultimate fusion of man and machine. After standing out in a fierce conflict, Spencer is betrayed and imprisoned with false evidence by the same people he served unconditionally.
Three years later, on the day he is to be executed for his alleged crimes, an experimental weapon explodes in Ascension City, causing an earthquake and a radioactive shock wave that leaves the city in ruins, annihilating its population. Military intelligence suggests that a large terrorist force has occupied Ascension City, but its motives remain unclear. With the terrain in ruins and terrorists controlling the city's air defenses, the government is left with only one option: the revival of Nathan Spencer.
Bionic Commando harnesses the power of state-of-the-art hardware to fully exploit the mechanics that made the original title unique. The ruins of Ascension City and its surroundings provide an interesting environment of towering buildings, disused causeways and monorails, deep canyons, and sheer rock scenarios that allow players to traverse each area on multiple routes using rocking, rappelling, climbing, and walking techniques. by walls.
Being a perfectly trained agent, Spencer can target and eliminate enemies while hanging upside down, climbing a building, or even in the midst of a swing. At close range, the bionic arm delivers big punches, while at a distance it can grab objects, such as rocks, and throw them at enemies.

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